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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our 30 day free trial, service configuration, cost of the service and technical support.

The cost is calculated based on the number of users and the number of domains being filtered. For more detailed information about pricing, check out the pricing structure or contact us.

No. It’s a free trial!

After 30 days, if you don’t want to subscribe, all you need to do is change your MX records to deactivate the service.

You’ve got several options. Do you purchase services through distributors? Check out their cloud marketplace for Zerospam. You can also partner directly with us. Still have questions? Chat with us.


There is nothing to download, install or configure. You only need to change your domain’s MX records to point to your personalized Zerospam filters.

It depends. The free trial is automatically provisioned within 5 minutes. If our systems detect an issue, the configuration is paused until it’s fixed. What might take a little longer is changing your MX records.

Step one is to fill out the Free Trial Request form. As soon as you do, you will receive an automated confirmation email with all the information guiding you through the next steps. Our systems will test that your email server accepts connections from our network.

Next, the service will be configured on our end and you will receive instructions by email on where to point your domain's MX records.

Once this is done, you will receive an email letting you know that service is now active and you will receive your credentials for Cumulus. If you need to add outbound filtering, this service can be configured once inbound filtering has been activated.

No. When you change your MX records, there will be a propagation period during which some of your incoming messages will be delivered to your old MX records and some to our filters.

Best practice is to lower the TTL (time to live) in your DNS zone before you change your MX records to one hour or less . This makes for a quicker switchover.

Hardly any.

If a message is legitimate, our filters scan it and it’s delivered within about 2 seconds.

We actively monitor delivery times on our filters to make sure everything is running smoothly.