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Partner Success Story

Zerospam Delivers Under Pressure to Keep Avancie Up and Running.


Avancie is a Quebec-based IT services company that primarily serves the legal and accounting industry. The company offers a range of specialized services such as certified Microsoft Exchange specialists, online data backup and migration solutions, as well as IT outsourcing support to its small, medium-sized and enterprise clients.


For legal professionals, reliable email communications are essential to productivity. Following a long holiday break, Avancie's email servers were suddenly blacklisted on several Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) due to numerous customers sending mass mailings ahead of the holidays. Not only did this situation have a potentially devastating impact on the company's reputation, more critically, it paralyzed the delivery of emails for the thousands of lawyers, notaries, and CPAs who demand 24X7 availability. Without any time to waste, Avancie called Zerospam to bring their email servers back online.


After quickly diagnosing the root cause of the email outage, Zerospam’s team went to work, configuring and deploying an emergency exit gateway on behalf of Avancie. In just under two hours, Zerospam successfully established a new secure gateway, minimizing disruption to its more than 4,000 professionals and enabling them to stay productive and profitable.

“Our customers count on us to make sure their critical email systems are always available and always operating at peak performance. When everything was on the line, the team at Zerospam went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to keep our promise to our customers.”