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Partner Success Story

Keeps Email Threats at Bay with Zerospam.


BlackIP 360 is an IT services provider specializing in remote technical support for manufacturing and services companies. Their portfolio of managed services enable its customers to quickly access unparalleled technical support as well as the latest third-party solutions so they can focus on their core business priorities.


Before migrating to Zerospam, BlackIP 360 was using a homegrown solution that no longer was able to meet its evolving technical requirements. This meant that they needed to make a quick decision on a replacement in order to ensure the continuity of email security upon which their customers rely. Among its criteria for selecting a new email security solution was the ability to quickly and easily migrate a new platform across its customer base, and do so seamlessly without interrupting its customers’ operations.


Following a thorough evaluation of numerous email security vendors, BlackIP 360 selected Zerospam for several reasons. Chief among these was the company’s exceptional reputation in the market as a trusted provider, the superior performance of its core email threat detection, and an industry leading low false-positive rate. In addition, the turnkey aspect of the Zerospam solution and the ease of administering a cloud-based solution were also key considerations.

“As a small yet nimble provider of IT services, we are known for our high-touch and personal customer service so it’s only natural that we would seek out this same quality in the technology solutions we choose to serve our customers. Zerospam is simple to configure and their technical support is truly world-class.”