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Partner Success Story

The IT Solution Experts at MicroAge Trust Zerospam to Protect its Customers


MicroAge Kingston is part of the MicroAge Network, a national network of IT solution providers with a strong focus on the SMB market. With a growing network of 37 independently-owned locations from coast-to-coast, MicroAge is one of Canada’s leading IT solutions providers. MicroAge provides businesses with access to over 300 certified and knowledgeable technicians, unparalleled national service delivery, logistical support and distribution and managed IT services.


In 2016, Intel announced it was suspending its managed email security service, MX Logic, forcing resellers to scramble to find alternative solutions. While Intel actively referred these customers to Proofpoint, a number of resellers such as MicroAge decided to conduct their own trials to identify the right long-term solution. Pricing, performance, and ease of management were among their key criteria and after evaluating a number of vendors, pared down their list to Zerospam and Roaring Penguin, a solution that they liked at first because of the granularity it provided. However, after trialing Zerospam, they said in fact what they had liked at first about Roaring Penguin ended up being a disadvantage as it required excessive user configuration.


Following a 60 day trial administered on their own domain, MicroAge Kingston activated Zerospam in February 2016, migrating all of their customer’s mailboxes over and eventually recommending Zerospam as their solution of choice for other branches within the MicroAge Network. Zerospam’s default centralized approach to quarantine management was one of the key factors in their decision with their technical evaluator saying they didn’t think this type of approach would work, anticipating a high volume of legitimate emails would be blocked. In the end however, they found very few false positives and that this model was far more secure as users would not be tempted to release potentially malicious emails out of quarantine.

“We are astounded by how effective the Zerospam solution has been. Their novel approach to managing a quarantine is both more secure and requires very little time. We’ve tried many email filtering solutions over the years and Zerospam simply blew us away.”