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Our World-Class Infrastructure

Cutting edge where it counts, boring where it matters.

By choosing to sit on stable foundations, we can focus all our innovative efforts on improving existing filtering capabilities and explore cutting edge technologies to expand those capabilities.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is to apply cutting edge technology where it really counts so we can focus on delivering the latest innovations in email security to market. But for most of our infrastructure, we simply don’t want any surprises: Cumulus, mail relaying, server provisioning, software versioning, and the technologies our API is built with.

We’re not looking to innovate in these areas. We want them to work reliably and without fault.


From basic traffic throttling to adaptive load-balancing, we are constantly improving the stability of our service. Our innovations always consider the potential strains of the ever-evolving internet. We are a security company, after all.


When a new account is created, we assign them three MX records, each in a different datacenter. This multi-datacenter redundancy is just one of the measures that’s put in place to make sure our service is always running smoothly. Uptime is maximized for all core services by having at least two instances available at all times.


“Work smart not hard” is a mantra we cherish. Through automation, we can minimize manual interventions and maximize our opportunities for improvement. It’s a performance gain that’s mostly transparent to customers but gives us more bandwidth to tackle challenging problems.

Operational Transparency

Downtime hurts. That’s why we continually monitor our infrastructure. If any portion of our service is ever having issues, we let you know through our Statuspage. Issues are updated as the case evolves.



Our Cloud Rules

Our service operates on our own private cloud. This gives us more power to control uptime and keeps our client data safe. Our machines, our rules!



Canadian Service, Canadian Data

For global organizations that must comply with international data privacy and third-party data sovereignty laws, it’s imperative that you know that your email security provider can guarantee that your email data remains in Canada.